...and assembly jigs


Not every part needs to be welded, we also specialize in assemblies and assembly jigs...

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Laser Cutting

Get your metal parts laser cut here at YMI

Press Brakes and Fabrication

Our precision CNC controlled brake presses bend parts using the latest technology

Since 1947

YMI...making quality parts since 1947


Contact us for all your production welding needs

Assemblies and custom farm equipment

At YMI, we are experts in assembling and producing custom weldments to your specifications

Custom tube bending

We can handle your square or round tube bending needs

CNC vertical milling centers

Our CNC milling centers can machine your parts to your specifications

Assembly Fabrication Laser Cutting Metal Stamping Prototyping Services Tool and Die Tool and Die #2 Tube Bending Welding
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"Making response to customers a top priority since 1947"
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Assemblies at YMI


Perhaps you are in need of an assembly and not necessarily a weldment? Or perhaps both? Then you've come to the right place! At YMI we can assemble your product to your design specifications and deliver those quality finished products directly to you.

Whether it be riveting, or screws or nuts and bolts, we can do the assembly right here, "in-house". We can also engineer, design and build the necessary jigs to ensure quality and a speedy assembly time. You have a due date, and we do our best to meet it!

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Young Mfg., Inc.:

"Making response to customers a top priority since 1947"