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Tube Bending of Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum

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Tube Bending

Our YLM Tube Bender can bend either round or square metal tubing with precise accuracy. Once the machine is programmed, it is ready to make multiple pieces. The quality of the bends and finished corners is smooth and flawless - no more crushed corners or unsightly blemishes - just nice smooth accurate bends.

This tube bender can bend many different types of metal, including mild steel, aluminum and even stainless steel.

Our  YLM Tube Bender employs three-dimensional (3D) simulation software that directs the machine cycle. The graphic software displays rotation, rotation angles and other important specifics of the bending process to the operator on a color screen. This allows the production team to set up and simulate a bend before any material is used. This means that minimal waste (in any) is produced during the process development stage or during set-up. Inaccuracies are spotted before a production run begins, again, this helps keep our costs down and the cost savings is passed on to you, the customer, with lower prices.

After the tube is bent, it can be welded by us, or even laser cut with our laser cutting machine.

The YLM Tube bender is able to download DXF files and import the information from a specified print. The machine is also able to convert from YBC to XYZ, or XYZ to YBC for programming using CAD information.

The chart (shown below) shows our YLM tube bender capabilities and capacities. Please contact us for information on existing dies or new dies that might be required for your production needs.

Maximum material size (for round or square tubes): 2.00" x .098" @ 1.5D bend
Maximum material feed speed: 1000mm (39.5")/second
Maximum rotating (rotation) speed: 180 degrees/second
Maximum bending speed: 85 degrees/second
Maximum difference between fixed radius dies: 80mm (3.15")
Maximum bending angle: 190 degrees
Accuracy of bending and rotation: +/- 0.1 degree
Accuracy of material feed: +/- 0.1 mm (.004")
Over mandrel usable length (Extensions available): 2500 mm (98.00")
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